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Could Hackers Sabotage the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles?

Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014


With the rollout of Google’s self-driving car, computer security experts at Utah State University are posing new questions about the hardware and software features that will drive tomorrow’s fleets of autonomous vehicles. Read more.

USU Research: Water Treadmill Training Shows Promising Results

Thursday, Aug. 07, 2014


Research from Utah State University shows that intervals of high intensity training on a water treadmill significantly benefited people with osteoarthritis.

In fact, the benefits outweighed those derived from other forms of land-based exercise — probably because the study participants could receive a good workout without fear of falling or putting too much strain on their joints. What’s more, the pain experienced by the study subjects was significantly reduced.  Read more.


Professor Leads Uganda Service Learning Project

Thursday, Aug. 07, 2014


Be the change that you wish to see in the world. 

The Service Learning Scholars program at Utah State University allows students to have experiences such as the SEEEME (Sustainable Engineering, Education and Economics) experience in Uganda.

During summer 2014, USU faculty member Sonia Manuel-Dupont and a travel team of 12 students, teachers and engineers spent a month in Uganda on a humanitarian trip to several orphanages. They travelled with SEEEME, founded by William Grenney, USU faculty emeritus of civil engineering.  Read more.

USU Center Receives Award of Excellence

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Utah State University’s Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) was the recipient of an Award of Excellence from the Western Extension Directors Association at its recent meeting in Lake Tahoe, Nev. The annual award recognizes Extension outreach education programming that has achieved outstanding accomplishments, results and impacts in addressing contemporary issues in one or more of the 13 Western states and Pacific Island U.S. Territories. Read more.

Teens Experience Hands-on Research at USU's Summer Biotech Academy

Thursday, Jul. 17, 2014


While Wesley Cook’s friends were likely hitting the water slides at Lagoon-a-Beach or chilling in a movie theater catching the latest adventure flicks, the Kaysville, Utah, teen, decked out in a white lab coat and safety goggles at Utah State University’s Center for Integrated BioSystems, was examining tiny vials of “extremely tough” bacteria.  Read more.

Biofuel Boom: USU Researchers Forge Innovative Research Partnerships

Thursday, Jun. 19, 2014


Utah State University alum Dallas Hanks ’91 MS, ’10 PhD, has returned home to Burley, Idaho. In the familiar comfort of his parents’ home along the Snake River, the founder of USU’s Center for Agronomic and Woody Biofuels is battling end-stage cancer.

Hanks’ condition no longer affords him the strength to freely wander the furrowed fields of the family dairy farm. But head on a pillow, telephone propped to his ear, the 51-year-old continues to share his innovative biofuels project ideas — namely, using untillable land to grow biofuel feedstock plants. Read more.

Westward Ho! American Entomological Institute to Move to Utah State

Thursday, Jun. 19, 2014


One of the world’s most venerated entomological research institutions plans to pull up stakes in its longtime Gainesville, Florida, home and move lock, stock and insect collection trays to Utah State University’s Logan campus.  Read more.


'There's an App for Splat’: USU Scientists Monitor Wildlife Crossings

Thursday, Jun. 05, 2014


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 200 Americans die in animal-vehicle accidents each year. In a recent study, the Centers for Disease Control found that one quarter of all animal-vehicle collisions result in human injury.  Read more.


Family Room: Wolves Need Space to Raise Offspring says USU Ecologist

Thursday, May. 15, 2014



Without adequate space to raise their offspring, wolf packs lash out at competing clans and fight to the death to protect their turf.

That’s among findings of a recent study by Utah State University ecologist Dan MacNulty and colleagues from the University of Oxford and the Yellowstone Wolf Project.  Read more.

USU Researchers link Weather Extremes and Climate Change

Tuesday, May. 13, 2014


A study funded by NASA and conducted by Utah State University researchers recently linked California’s severe drought and the frigid winter in the Midwest and Northeastern United States to climate change.  Read more.